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Captivating Storage Auctions Finds

May 30, 2017

If you want a chance to find rare and valuable items, participating in storage auctions in Melbourne on iBidOnStorage could be the key to reaching your goal. Storage auctions are always a gamble, as while online bidders can view a photograph of the inside of a storage unit, there’s no way of knowing the full extent of a unit’s contents until after you’ve won the auction.


Some people only find random bags of clothes or various appliances, but others leave with unbelievable treasures they never thought they’d find. The thrill comes from the uncertainty and the possibility of getting an impressive return on your investment.


If you’re not sure what kind of things you might find at storage auctions in Melbourne and around the globe, here are some of the most captivating storage auction wins others have made.


Precious metals 

You never know what kind of return on investment your storage unit will give you. For example, the winning bidder at one auction paid $1,100 for a unit and discovered several gold bars and silver coins inside. The new owner wanted to ensure the precious metals were real before getting too excited. When an expert gave an appraisal, the winning bidder was pleased to learn his new find was worth $500,000.


Historical items

If you’re planning to attend storage auctions in Melbourne and hope to find historical items, you’re not alone. Toys, documents and tools from the past can make a great addition to anyone`s collection. At a Virginia auction, one person spent $27,000 on two units that contained a lot of antiques, but he was stunned when he looked through the contents. Not only did he uncover several documents from the Civil War that had been signed by U.S. presidents, but he also found a cane that was once owned by Harry Truman.



Although you can get a range of items when you win a storage auction, bidders don`t usually expect to find weapons. You’ll rarely find shotguns and pistols when you rummage through your new belongings, but one person was terrified to uncover a hand grenade.


Once the authorities were contacted, they discovered the grenade was intended for training purposes and had been deactivated. Everyone could put their worries to rest when they learned the grenade was no longer a threat, but it`s an encounter that’s likely to stay at the front of their minds each time they buy the contents of a storage locker.


Final thoughts 

Although some people find strange and unusual items in storage units, you must approach the situation without high expectations if you want to avoid discouragement and frustration. If you attend storage auctions in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia on a regular basis, you might come across something that will grab your attention.


Obtaining one storage unit with valuable contents is all that it takes to make up for the money you’ve spent in the past. Check out some of the current storage auctions in Melbourne on iBidOnStorage to potentially find a fortune.

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