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We welcome all questions.  The only silly question is the question not asked. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us and we will respond accordingly. 

Who is legally responsible for selling the contents of a Storage Unit at Public Auction?
It is the Seller who takes full responsibility for selling the contents of an auction unit. The procedural steps taken prior to the auction unit being listed may vary dependent upon the Terms & Conditions specified on the signed Storage Agreement and/ or Legislative requirements surrounding the sale or disposal of abandoned items or other.  iBidOnStorage takes no responsibility.
What do the terms "Job Lot", "As Is" and "Where Is" mean?
These terms are used very often to describe the Conditions of the Sale of each auction.  "Job lot" means you are bidding on the WHOLE unit, not specific items within the unit.  If you win an auction, you will be required to take everything. "As is" refers to the Condition of the Goods in the unit and No Warranties or Guarantees are provided. "Where is" means items cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the location or address of the auction.
Are there any fees payable in addition to the final sale price?
Yes. Whilst the Final Auction Sale Price is inclusive of GST, there is also a Buyer`s Premium of 17.5%, calculated as a percentage of the Sale Price (also inclusive of GST) and payable by you, at the time of purchase.
What is the "Clean Up Deposit"?
The Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on ALL ITEMS within the unit and ALL ITEMS must be removed and the unit must be cleaned. In the event that the Buyer does not remove all items or does not leave the unit clean, the Storage Location may withhold the clean-up deposit and charge the Buyer its costs in removing such items and/or cleaning the unit.
Can I bid on any Auction?
Yes, you can bid on any Auction but iBidOnStorage strongly suggests you consider the distance you will need to travel to collect your winnings.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to empty the space within 72 hours* of being informed!!

* Unless stated otherwise on the individual auction page.  Make sure you read the Seller`s Terms prior to bidding.
Can anyone bid on these units?
Yes, anyone who personally holds a major credit card.
Can I have a bid removed?
 Bids WILL NOT be removed once they are placed. Doing so would comprise the auction process. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN PLACING YOUR BIDS.

What happens when I win an auction?
If you are declared the winner of an auction, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after the auction closes.  If the email does not arrive within a few minutes of the auction close, please contact iBidOnStorage. 

The email will notify you of your win and contain information such as the Storage Unit Number, Facility Location/ Contact Information and Invoice details.  Make sure you print this information and take it with you (as a proof of purchase) when you go to collect your winnings. 

Once notified, winners have 72 hours* to clear the entire contents of the storage unit.

It is important you read the Terms and Conditions on a Facility`s Auction Page so you are clear on the correct Pick-Up/ Collection procedures, as these terms may vary from Facility to Facility.

Should users wish to obtain a copy of any other invoices, they can find all copies in "My Account" under Billing Overview.

* Unless stated otherwise on the individual auction page.  Make sure you read the Seller`s Terms prior to bidding.

Can I get a refund if I do not like what I bought?

IMPORTANT NOTE: All units are sold as a “job lot”, “as is” and on a "what you see is what you get" basis.  All sales are FINAL as NO REFUNDS are given.

What if I don`t want all items in the unit?
As a Buyer, it is YOUR responsibility to remove and/ or dispose of ALL items in the storage unit, at your cost.  
What do we do with the personal items found in the Auction Unit?
If you find any personal items in the auction unit, we strongly recommend you return these immediately to the Seller.  Personal items could include documentation, passports, bank records, pictures and personal videos.  If you are unsure of a specific item, please discuss it with the Seller.
How long do I have to remove the goods from the Seller`s premises?
If you win an auction, you will have 72 hrs* (from receipt of notification) to remove the items from the Seller`s premises. If you require any additional time, you may have the option to rent the space or get an extension, but you must make these arrangements with the Seller or Operator immediately after winning.

* Unless stated otherwise on the individual auction page.  Make sure you read the Seller`s Terms prior to bidding.
Why do some units disappear before the auction closes?
Auction units are uploaded and managed by The Seller. As per the Terms and Conditions, the Seller has the right to remove the unit prior to close, if they choose to do so. More often than not, if the unit does disappear before close, it is an auction listed due to non-payment of storage rental and the Storage Customer has paid an Outstanding Debt and redeemed the unit. It is the discretion of the Seller whether they want to accept the Customer`s payment and withdraw the unit from auction. All enquiries regarding a removed auction should be addressed to the location Seller.
What does a soft close mean?
A soft close is different from a hard close auction, which offers a firm closing time. Rather, iBidOnStorage offers a soft close on all our live units. What this means is if someone places a bid on an auction unit that has a minute or less to go from closing, the auction end time will extend for 2 more minutes and will refresh automatically until one bidder remains with the highest bid for the full (1) last minute.
What does Proxy Bidding mean?
Proxy bidding (iBidMANAGER) is also known as max bidding, automatic bidding or absentee bidding.

iBidMANAGER gives Buyers the option of entering their Maximum Bid amount on a particular unit and having `the system` place bids on their behalf, automatically. When competing bids are placed, iBidMANAGER will instantly bid on behalf of the Buyer, in increments of $10, keeping that Buyer on top until their Maximum Bid amount has been reached. If the Maximum Bid Amount has been reached before the unit is sold, iBidMANAGER will notify the Buyer (by SMS/ email) that their Maximum Bid amount has been reached. The Buyer may then choose to increase their Maximum Bid amount and keep bidding, or concede the unit, as desired.

Buyers can use iBidMANAGER to save time, as they don`t have to continually monitor an auction to stay on top. As well, iBidMANAGER makes it easy to bid on multiple units online, without having to be in front of a computer. 
What happens if there are multiple Proxy Bidders?
There can be several Buyers using iBidMANAGER at the same time on a particular unit. In these cases, the `high bid` may jump by more than the normal $10.00 increment depending on the Proxy`s (Maximum Bids) .


Unit #100 is being auctioned and has a current `high bid` of $300

Jack logs in, looks at the unit and decides he would be willing to pay up to $500 for this unit.

Jack enters his Proxy Bid (Maximum Bid amount of $500) into iBidMANAGER and logs out.

iBidMANAGER now bids for Jack, putting him on top at $310

Another bidder (not using iBidMANAGER) comes in at $320

iBidMANAGER bids for Jack at $330

Now, Dianne logs in. She looks at the unit and decides she would be willing to pay up to $700 for this unit.

Dianne enters her Proxy Bid (Maximum Bid amount of $700) into iBidMANAGER and logs out.

**Now there are 2 Buyers using iBidMANAGER on the same unit**

The `high bid` instantly goes from $330 to $500 (Jack`s max) and Dianne becomes high bidder at $510.

IBidMANAGER will notify Jack of the fact his Maximum Proxy Bid amount has been reached and exceeded.

Dianne will stay on top until somebody bids $710, whether by proxy or manual bid, or until the auction closes.
Can I change my Maximum Bid amount (Proxy Bid)?
Yes, you can change your Maximum Bid amount  (Proxy Bid), higher only, but you need to be logged into your Buyer`s Account to do so. Simply re-enter your higher Maximum Bid amount and click on the BID NOW button. Once complete, the green message above the amount will now reflect your new Maximum Bid amount.
What is SMS?
SMS stands for Short Message Service and is another term commonly used for texting.
I am a Seller. How & when do I receive the Auction Sale proceeds?
Once your auction closes, you will receive an email notification* of the outcome.  This notification will provide details such as the Auction Sale price and the Winning Bidder`s contact information.  We will then contact you to arrange a transfer of the Auction Sale proceeds to your bank account.  The amount transferred will be the Auction Sale price less your Seller`s Premium.

* You will still receive a notification even if your auction does not receive a bid.  It will then be your decision as to whether you re-list the auction or dispose of the unit`s contents.

How much is the Seller`s Premium and how is it calculated?
Seller`s Premiums are inclusive of GST and will vary between 12.5% & 17.5%, dependent on the size of your organisation, or in some cases, the number of auctions you bring to the site.  It will be calculated as a direct percentage of the Auction Sale price. 
What happens if there is a discrepancy between the description and the photos on a LIVE auction?
 If you are viewing a LIVE auction and you believe there is a discrepancy between the Seller description and the photos, please phone iBidOnStorage on 02 4302 0605 and provide us with further detail.  We will follow up with the Seller.
Who should I contact if I believe there is an issue with my purchase?
If you have won an auction and upon arriving to collect the goods, you believe there is an issue, you should speak to the Seller in the first instance.  iBidOnStorage `hosts` the auction, but the Seller `posts` it, so they are going to have more of an understanding of the unit contents and how they represented their listing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Try to speak to the Seller BEFORE removing items.  Once the items have been removed from the Seller`s premises, it is very difficult to raise questions about details.

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