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Refund Policy

Before participating in any auction on iBidOnStorage.com.au, you must read the Terms and Conditions and understand all procedures and costs.

iBidOnStorage.com.au is a marketplace for online auctions. Online auctions are a popular way of buying. iBidonStorage.com.au is a virtual market place designed to connect Self Storage businesses and Buyers of abandoned storage units.

The auction rules are set out for both Buyers and Sellers in the Terms and Conditions. Buyers must understand and accept that most, if not all items sold on iBidOnStorage.com.au are sold “as is” and “with faults, if any” and as a “job lot”, and apart from providing a platform for an auction, it is mostly left to the individual Buyers and Sellers to deal directly with each other.

In this environment, iBidOnStorage (the business running the website) is not directly involved in the auction process and is not an agent for the Seller.

iBidOnStorage believes in best practice and want all users of our site to Buy and Sell in a safe environment. As such, here are some tip for Buyers on our website:

  1. Ensure your computer, tablet or phone has up-to-date security and anti-virus software installed.
  2. Never agree to do business privately outside of the online auction site, for example directly by email.
  3. Find out everything about the auction you are bidding on – Inspect the goods where possible.
  4. Only pay using a secure system–this is shown through a padlock symbol and web address starting with https://
  5. In case of a later dispute, keep copies of all documents including electronic records of all bids, item descriptions, photographs, advertisements, emails and receipts.
  6. If you have a problem, contact the Seller first and explain the issue and how you would like it resolved. Many Sellers want to resolve problems quickly to avoid negative feedback.

You can make a complaint and ask for a refund under the Australian Consumer Law if the Storage Business Selling the goods on iBidOnStorage.com.au, sold you a product that:

  • Was advertised in a misleading manner and/or hid costs or other details from you.
  • Was stolen or did not come with clear title.

It is important to note that if goods are faulty or do not do what they are supposed to, you are not entitled to a refund or eligible to return the goods. Goods sold at auction are purchased at your risk. Most goods sold on iBidOnStorage.com.au will be second hand and in a used condition. For these reasons Buyers are strongly advised to inspect the goods before bidding.

While you can report problems to the iBidOnStorage.com.au, usually disputes are between the Seller and the Buyer, as iBidOnStorage.com.au is not involved in the actual sales process. We will always encourage parties to communicate to resolve disputes.

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