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Great Storage Auction Finds

April 03, 2017

Everyone wants to find buried treasure, unfortunately there aren’t many pirates left in the modern world, and even less treasure. Luckily for the would-be treasure hunters, there is another way! Storage auctions have become a booming industry for those who want to make a quick profit – and know what to look for.

iBidOnStorage streamlined the process of bidding on storage units, by taking away the wondering, placing it online, and making it easy for anyone and everyone to bid on abandoned storage units. Yes, if you’re retired, and need a side job, or if you’re a student looking for extra cash, then bidding on Self Storage units is the thing for you.

Here is a list of some of the all-time best storage auction finds. Who knows? Maybe next time it could be you?

Michael Jordan`s Recruitment Letters

A man in North Carolina stumbled upon Michael Jordan’s recruitment letter, diploma and several other important items in a storage locker he won for a mere couple of hundred dollars at auction.  The items were from the “Michael Jordan 23” restaurant that shut its doors in 2003. The letters are said to be worth over $250,000 each.

250 unheard Michael Jackson Songs

Over 250 original and never-before-known songs were discovered in a storage unit previously owned by Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father. The cultural worth of these songs is immeasurable.

Vintage Race Car

A vintage race car was discovered in an auctioned unit in Clearwater, Florida in 2004.  The unit was bought for $400 by an experienced auction hunter who had been in the business almost 20 years.  The race car was sold online for $18,600, which added to his total profit meaning he scored a sweet 25k dollar profit on the unit.

40k pieces of Hollywood memorabilia

40,000 pieces of Hollywood memorabilia from 400 group lots were found in a storage unit previously owned Hollywood executives in Orange, California.  The find includes movie memorabilia, props, costumes, posters, scripts, movie productions items, thousands of Disney animation production cells, original Tim Burton art, publicity photos and autographed work.  The items are expected to fetch over $1 million when sold.

A Unit worth over $100 000

On the TV show Auction Hunters, one unit bought housed antiques ranging from guns – including a Winchester buffalo rifle – to antique slot cars. It was the dream unit for a gun enthusiast. It’s notable because it was the biggest win of the show – a highly publicised affair.

So you can now see that storage auctions can – at times – be extremely lucrative. It’s mostly down to luck when you win big like those mentioned above, but anyone can turn a profit if they bid smartly. You never know what you might find, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Visit our website at iBidOnStorage, and get yourself bidding ready. We now have storage auctions all across Australia, so you you can bid on storage units in Western Australia, win an auction in Victoria or find hidden loot in Tasmania.

iBidOnStorage provide an online platform where individuals can bid on abandoned and overdue storage units, where the profits remain all yours.

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