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How to become a successful professional storage auction hunter

September 07, 2017

You`ve probably seen television shows that feature people buying storage units and finding items inside them that can be sold for significant amounts of money. At times, units without a lot inside are purchased; however, for the most part, you can be a success as a professional auction hunter. Follow these few tips for bidding at storage auctions in Sydney. 

Make a plan

When you hear about storage auctions in Sydney, you need to make a plan of action so you can get to each unit being sold before other people arrive. Find a map of the area, or you can use the GPS on your phone to figure out where to go to get to each unit. Try to be one of the first ones there so you can be at the front of the crowd. This will give you a better opportunity to hear the details of what`s in the unit.

Take a look

Many storage auctions in Sydney only let the people who are there glimpse at the items that are inside the unit. If you get there soon enough and are at the front of the crowd, you can get a better look at the items inside the unit when the door is opened. You want to pay attention to how the unit is packed. If everything is carefully stored, the owner likely has items inside that they cared about at one time. Also, look for furniture and electronics right off the bat.

Know your treasures

Do a little research online before going to storage auctions in Sydney. If needed, take a list of the top collectibles and treasures that are online so that you have an idea as to what antiques and similar items are going for with other sellers. Sometimes, you`ll find rare pieces of art, electronics that are older and worth a good bit of money, and collectibles that people are willing to pay large sums of money for if they`re in good condition. There are also a few large units that could have anything from a car to a boat inside.

Bid quickly

Once you know you want the unit, you need to be able to bid first and before other people get ahead of you; however, you need to have a budget in mind as you don`t want to end up losing money on the unit. Only bid on the items that you can see. Anything else in the unit will be a surprise and hopefully a profit for you.

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