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Why Self Storage facilities rely on online auctions

January 10, 2017
Some Self Storage facilities run on very small margins, and any unused units are costing them money, and it is even worse if the unused unit is filled with someone’s property, and they aren’t paying for the pleasure to be there.

The Pleasures & Pitfalls of Storage Auctions

December 13, 2016
It is so easy to get addicted to bidding on abandoned storage units. The thrill of the chase, the excitement of the close, and then finally, the moment you rummage through the spoils of your bid.

The art of bidding on Abandoned Storage Units

November 30, 2016
There is an art to buying abandoned storage units, buy right, and you can make a small fortune. But remember to be a good boy scout, and be prepared.

The Rise of Storage Auctions in Australia

November 22, 2016
We have all watched the popular TV shows about Self Storage Auctions in America and Canada, and almost everyone wanted to make money in this fun and exciting way. The thing is, nobody knew where and how to get involved.

Storage Wars in Australia – It’s here, and people are making money.

November 03, 2016
This online platform allows Self Storage facilities to put up abandoned storage units for auction, and get people to bid online for the unknown treasures within. This allows the Self Storage facility to empty the space, and return to its profit making ways.
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"Each year thousands of Self Storage units are abandoned Storage auctions in Western Australia are held on a regular basis online through iBidOnStorage"


"Television shows like Storage Wars make bidding on storage units seem like an intense exciting pastime While this can be true it s important to keep in mind the people"

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