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Yes, you can bid on abandoned storage units…

October 11, 2016

Yes, you can bid on abandoned storage units…

I’ve been a fan of reality shows featuring abandoned storage units right from the first episode of Auction Hunters, and you can’t tear me away from the A&E channel.


These days I can get my fix on Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, Container Wars and all the spin off series from around the world.


Like all the other fans, I’ve dreamt about attending storage auctions, and bidding on abandoned storage units. I hoped that I would make a dream find, and retire early, but no, things just weren’t the same in Australia, and there weren’t any auctions to attend.


But now it is different… I found a, and I find myself looking through all the abandoned storage units from around Australia, bidding online, and making money on the side.


I haven’t made enough to retire yet, but I’ve made a small fortune, and it is all about knowing what sells and what does not.


The website itself is easy to navigate, and you can register without any hassle, allowing you to make a winning bid when you want it. Plus, the bidding system is very fair, so there are no looking out for mates on this site. iBidOnStorage operates a soft close system, a system that extends the closing time by two minutes if a bid comes in at the end.


The big surprise on the website is the number of auctions going at any time, so there is almost always one near my house, making it easier for the pick-up.


Bidding on abandoned storage units is more than a money making process for me, it is the thrill of the search, the hope that I’ll find a ring, cash or even a priceless artwork.


This auction process is a case of the more you know, the more you’ll make, but there is no reason why a novice can’t make money from buying abandoned storage units. The money is there, and people who get in early, are the most likely to make money from it.


 I just signed up, and I’m bidding on my first unit… There is a lot of wool and knitting stuff in the unit, and I’m hoping that there will be sewing machines too, but I must remember what the masters taught me… Only bid on what you can see.


Allen Lee Haff and Clinton Jones (Ton) taught me everything I know, or don’t know about bidding on storage units, and even though I know not to believe everything I see on TV… I do want to believe that you can find a treasure.

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